So I’ve spent the day setting up my WordPress blog again, when I really should have been studying, but what else is new? I’m committed now. I’ve started the site so I can’t leave it without any posts, can I? Work will have to wait a while longer, like the sniveling, starving rodent it is. It’s not like I haven’t wasted the last few days setting up various social media. The concept of lost time is nothing new. Yesterday it was Instagram and revamping Twitter (I’d link but there are already links in the side bar – or there should be…) and before that I started Facebook. I’ve been on Twitter for a while, but I’ve not done Facebook before. I heard a personal page is a good way to get exposure though so I’m trying it out. Add me if you want to see. Facebook will be my events list, Twitter will be my thoughts and responses, Instagram will be a window into my eyeballs (sexier than it sounds) with views of my daily life and works in progress, but it will all be centralized here.

I’m planning big things for this web site this time around. I’m going to categorize posts for a start. There’ll be diary posts like this one, just talking through my big events of the day – like finding lint, worshipping stars and the many steps up the road of progress – and then I’ll have separate categories for my art: writing, drawing, yada, yada, yada. I’ve never written that before and it seems strange. My computer keeps trying to autocorrect it to Yamagata. I only went there once, so I don’t know why it’s an option on my autocorrect.

Oh well, join me again later for more mysterious wonderings such as that. I want to get a sample of myself writing up here soon as well. I’m having trouble deciding which short story I want to post though, and which best represents me, or which I should give away for free. So many thoughts. Don’t worry, I’m saving the exciting ones for later.

How did my first blog entry compare? Leave a comment below with your first blogging story and let me know! I’d love to hear from some other creatives. It’s as inspiring for me as I hope it is for them.


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