Jump! Jump!

I’ve been so sleepy lately. Every spare moment has been spent fighting the urge to let my eyelids drop. My head is surrounded by a soft prickling cushion of sleep, it both keeps me awake and drags me under, and I’m torn between the two. It seems that everything happens at once. We had exams, and with that, parties to celebrate their end. Yet school sports and events continue as if separate entities you really wish would talk to each other and work out a better schedule. Divorced parents.

Today’s outfit

Some of it has been fun. Yesterday I went to support the school’s volleyball team in their tournament. They’ve suffered a lot: as well as having few members and a horridly strict coach who cares about them as much as Donald Trump cares about black people, they’ve lost members, so the few remaining are having to play every game without rest. It paid off though this weekend as they win their first match in months. Waiting on the sidelines, I got caught up in all the tension and noted how a lot of human entertainment is like that: it’s all about making tension and then releasing it in explosions. In this case the explosions were cheers. I recorded the winning point on my phone and showed it to my friend, their main striker and scorer of the winning point. Elated, she jumped up and down, gave me a high five and then went to jump up and down in front of her parents. Another girl was crying. It was a huge moment for them.It’s made me really tired today, but I’m glad I was there. The other students enjoyed it too.

Watching the other teams, the strongest of which was full of lanky girls with short hair cuts who could fire precision spikes with the power of a cannon, and seeing how much of a crowd they had cheering for them, I thought does the powerful team cheer so hard because they always win, or do they always win because they cheer so hard? I think it’s probably the latter. But the cheering has some power, no? After my team’s win in the second game of the day they were playing a lot stronger, standing their ground against the strongest team for a while, and there was so much energy with the cheers of the canon armed, short-haired girls. The game flew by as fast as a shot, and they didn’t mind they lost that one.

Don’t you think this guy looks like he’s wearing Stormtrooper shoes?

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  1. Adr Ian says:

    It is good that you were able to witness their first win in months! And yes, the guys shoes does look like stormtrooper shoes XD (I know I am months behind on the comment, but I enjoyed reading it, and btw, the outfit was cute!)

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