Where Are We Going Now?

Today has been about as emotionally draining as you can get. I should have known something was up when I woke up dizzy. It wasn’t dehydration, like I thought, but a huge fleshy, pulsating, polymorph having a four course meal. To start with it is my favourite little girl’s birthday, and I can’t be with her this year. Instead I got to see a few photos of my niece playing with her toys and a video chat while she had birthday dinner and a cake. What a sweetie! But I miss her. Then, at school, my friend, a couple of years younger, she’s been having a tough time getting into the university she wants. One of her courses now has a really low score and the others aren’t high enough to average it out. She’s been talking to me about it and pleading with the teachers for any way to get more points. It all seemed to be working out this morning, when a last minute assignment pushed her score up, she even told her family about it going through, but then the teachers told her it’s not just the average for this term, but the whole year. Her first term score was low in Writing too so actually she can’t go onto her course. She’s devastated and I don’t feel like I can help. I tried pointing out that she’ll find a new goal, or she could reapply next year, but she can’t see past this at the moment. I feel so bad for her.

It left me arriving home with no more energy to lift a pencil. Ok, having pizza and chips helped a bit, but I’m so sleepy. Maybe tomorrow will be more productive. It just shows that life is never what we expect it to be. I know well that we can move on and find unexpected adventures and joys, but I don’t know how to convince others. Does that mean we should ignore the sad moments? It’s all part of life and we mark its passing how we feel. That’s what humans do best: mark the passage of time. We can’t stop it, so we may as well carve our message in the walls as we go plummeting onwards, down the rollercoaster. Is there anything else?

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Can you think of a time you mourned the loss of future goal but found a new benefit in life because of that loss?


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