Writing Wednesday: Ramses Niblet III

he instant an advert for cat food appeared, Ramses vaulted the sofa and kicked the TV to the floor. He stamped on it, glass and metal shattering like ice, until the face of the cute kitten was obliterated by his boot and the meowing was drowned out by the hiss of sparks.

The Eszailha Interview

I think the most important thing I’ve learned is that it’s okay not to fall into a category. I used to spend too much time writing to fit into a mold and I was always unhappy with the end result. So I suppose I learned the joys of freedom. Now that I write what I want, how I want, I’m much happier.

Dream Weaver

It is strange to me how a lot of my dreams, that I remember, are reworkings of movies or TV show plots. Has my imagination become so dulled?


How I would tweet the premise of my nearly completed debut, or how do you cram a novel length story into 140 characters? Basically, it comes down to a few points….

Writing Wednesday: Gits Bearing Gifts

It had clearly been an arrow that whizzed by my head a moment ago and kicked me into the run. There was no mistaking that zip, the sound of life shortening.

The Crawling Interview

What did you want to achieve with this comic? – To show the beauty of friendship in a happy sunny world… a little fanservice, and of course more cereal!

Hiding from a killer

If you’re hiding from a killer it is best not to let them know you are alive. This tends to anger them.


I discovered the every day adventures of a cute anime girl and her roommate: a tentacle monster