Moving On

I’m already sick of you-know-who, and the attacks, protests and hatred are already spreading, so I don’t want to talk about it. I’ve spent enough time in a daze, just like I did after Brexit, which I had deeper ties with, and I can’t contribute to the devastation that he is causing any more. Every inaction and every negative thought by any decent person around the world is spreading the damage. The only way to stop it is with positive energy.

I started blogging with the aim that I would eventually be a popular icon inspiring others to be creative and kind, like my role models. One such lady I stumbled across while browsing pages in what was then a casual interest in cosplay: Vampy. Her work is ridiculously impressive. What I thought a CG art piece surprised me when I learned it was a model, dressed up in costume. I retweeted it because it was just beautiful and she was kind enough to thank me. I’d never had a like from an icon before. I felt validated in a very teenage way. I followed her on Twitter and it was the fact she would often reply to me with positivity and gratitude that kept me interested. In the meantime, I enjoyed her cosplay and started noticing how kind, inspiring and relentlessly positive she was, and all in a non-psychotic, Mondays-are-awesome kind of way. It showed me that there is a path for sane people other than pessimism. She is one person I consistently check on Twitter every day, and I see how she responds in kind to other fans too. It really makes a difference in a sea of fake faces, friends and followers. A small action by someone who I felt was in a higher station in life than me opened me up to growing and helping others. She’s not the only one though, I’m glad to report.

So, that was my aim, and it still is, more than ever, and it’s not because I want to be popular and influence so many people, it’s because we need the positivity. I need the positivity. Maybe I am selfish, but can I be selfish while helping other people, can’t I?

With that in mind, I’m looking for people to help me on this project. There’s a lot to do and it would be easier with more people on board. I’m looking for people who will connect with me to show their support. I’m looking for people to work directly with me and produce inspiring works. I’m looking for a sign, a like, a comment that shows people out there share the same desire: a desire to eventually have a world where the troubles of today are the distant past and everyone can feel the connection I felt when a popular, talented Internet celebrity liked what I said. There’s no reason why we can’t feel that all the time: appreciation, connection, love.

Have you had a connection with a celebrity? Did it change your point of view?


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