Phase 4

I’ve taken to watching The Crown on Netflix. I don’t normally like period shows but I feel this one has been presented in modern fashion, in terms of the writing, and it’s easy to digest. The acting is also fantastic; Matt Smith as Prince Phillip and John Lithgow as Winston Churchill. One thing I couldn’t help noticing though is the opening titles, which are very similar in style to other Netflix shows. Is it a branding thing? It’s simple, atmospheric and sets the tone clearly, but it’s so obviously similar.

It also made me realize how little I know about history, even of my own country. I knew I had little knowledge of it, thinking that all there were was dinosaurs, Romans, Shakespeare and us, but seeing the details and the events swells the vast gaps in my mind. We search so hard for tales of wonder in fantasy and fiction, but so much truly happened that there are stories there for everyone. And can’t we all learn a little bit from history? Especially now, I feel that is true. So I’m going to read some true tales, or at least look out for them. Someday. One day. Maybe. Or I’ll just stick to Blackadder.

Either way, I’ll have a new TV to watch it on soon. I forked out for one after a bit of shopping this weekend. The gentleman at the shop pointed out a perfect model for me and then I repaid him by leaving and buying it online to save more money. It’ll get me back into gaming too, as I’ll finally have a HD connection again. I’ve been playing Xbox through a sub-SD USB connection. I get to enjoy all my games again! Oh, the joy of getting lost in Skyrim. All I need now is some good music to listen to. Where oh where is Gorillaz’ phase 4?

Do you have an interest in history? Has it shaped your taste for fiction? Let me know below.


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