I was having a really bland day. Nothing bad was on the horizon, in fact I had the delivery of my new  4K HDR TV to look forward to, but I just felt like there was nothing in my life. I think it’s called malaise. I had a general malaise and I couldn’t conjure up any feelings about anything. Possibly it’s because of the current world situation with the Trump, the riots and the protests, and the issues involved have worn me out. I’m fed up of thinking about it and what needs to be done, but I also know that no one is willing to listen. So, I guess I also felt defeated.

That is until I discovered and paid more attention to an artist and his comic strip which I found online. I had already stumbled across their free wallpaper advertising the comic I discovered today. Maybe it was what my heart longed for because I fell in love with the character design and concept at that moment.

It’s called The Crawling City, and stars a cute and adorable, but dark anime girl sharing an apartment with a tentacle monster from an unspeakable hell dimension. Cue laughs and giggles. No seriously, because this isn’t going where you think it is. Not all the time anyway. The creators seem perfectly aware of the expectations for such a relationship, but what they have presented is actually a sweet, mutually beneficial relationship where the monster watches over her like a guardian and she… well, she seems to provide him food – mostly consisting of cereal. It’s a typical Odd Couple scenario but the relationship is more symbiotic than toxic, and the joy of it comes from seeing how the combination of character types, with some unexpected traits, give us more positivity than we expect… and a little bit of fan service. Take a look at a sample below:crawling-city

As you can see, the artwork is simultaneously gorgeous, exemplified in it’s anime inspired heroine, but horrific in terms of the deadly hobo and Gug, the monster. In his more ferocious form, Gug is like something Lovecraftian filtered through the inks of Scott Pilgrim’s Bryan Lee O’Malley. Similarly the writing shifts from everyday innocence to apocalyptic horror. The dangers, so far, are human, making him her guard dog (possibly of ultimate power) as they try and live a normal life in a strange world that is either post apocalyptic or shared with all sorts of demon like creatures that have had an effect on civilization. I’m keen to see how the world is developed, but mostly I’m driven to experience the continually amusing every day adventures of this abnormal couple and the sumptuous artwork that makes me want to hang every issue up on my wall. This is a true favourite, and I hope to see it running for many more months, because, quite frankly, if it stops, I’ll learn to draw myself and write my own continuation.

The Crawling City is written by  R. Merryweather and drawn by Paroro. Check out the links below to see more of their works and join their following on social media. You can even help turn their work into its own animation.

The Crawling City is available in its entirety on Ensoku-Manga

R. Merryweather on Tapastic

R. Merryweather’s Twitter

Paroro’s Facebook page

Paroro’s Twitter

Paroro’s Patreon (Support them and help fund future issues and get exclusive artwork and gifts in return)

The creators of The Crawling City have most awesomely agreed to be interviewed by yours truly, so return soon for the full low down on this moe-tastic demon-fest in a few days.

*DISCLAIMER: All artwork has been reproduced here with the full permission of its owners and creators.


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