Welcome to Sharesville: Population Everyone!

So yesterday was my first post featuring the work of other creatives, something I’ve always had in mind as a goal for this blog, and I’m still buzzing from it. I suggest you have a look if you haven’t already. It was a bit of a sudden start, but I was just so enraptured with this work that I wanted to share it immediately. However, I started blogging with the idea that artists could work together to promote their work and share their audiences, growing exponentially as a result. Yesterday was the first step of that.

statsLooking at my stats, yesterday’s post was my most popular blog entry so far, growing the readership by 200%. That is, if they stick around. There’s no guarantee of that but you just have to bung stuff in a catapult and launch it at the castle to see what sticks (please note, that I don’t literally recommend throwing readers at your blog to see if they stick as that can be quite messy. In fact don’t throw people at anything. It’s generally frowned upon). In a similar way, my Twitter engagement doubled as well. The particular tweet linking to yesterday’s feature received over 2,000 impressions in a couple of hours.

So there you go guys – proof it works. I am talking sense sometimes. I just hope that it also gave a boost in audience to the comic and its artists as well, because they really deserve it. If not, I’ve still got the interview with them coming up soon.So that should get more attention. And you know what? It just feels good to help other people. I feel I’m finally doing the right thing. It took a bit of experimentation, and some time in jail, but I’ve figured it out.

With that in mind, any other artists who want to be featured here or want to feature me on their page, please get in touch (but don’t be touchy unless I ask you too). We can have a big group hug. I like hugs. They’re like death grips but less lethal, and with less prison time.

Do you do regular features of other writers and artists? Leave me a comment below and tell me about your experiences. I’m keen to hear.


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