Writing Wednesday: A Letter From The Future

Dear people of the world,

To twist a popular phrase: nuclear winter is coming. I say this not to frighten you,  or threaten you, as if I could, but for you to send this message to the government and it’s people. If history has taught us anything it is that it repeats, but with each cycle there are changes and we can learn. Many people learned a lesson and awoke this last week, realized that hate was amongst them and they had to act. Yet I fear it is not enough, because they do not know the path we are on. The new president of the United States bears similarities with Adolf Hitler, and there are other populists around the world in power and growing in power. The people are bitter, and anger breeds shortsightedness. History is leading us towards war.

Normally, we are too late to stop it. We don’t see the events that, seemingly unconnected at first, lead us to a terrible disaster. This time we can be aware, and we need more of us than ever to realize this fact. In the past, liberals protested against the war mongers but their voices were too weak, or they were dismissed as unpatriotic fools. This time we have to join together in love and shout louder than they shout for war. We must be a tidal wave of sense, peace and love.

This couldn’t come at a worse time, but that is exactly why we need it. Brexit and the US election have shown that racism, hatred and segregation are still present – they never left,  they’ve been hiding in peoples’ hearts, and with everyone brought up to believe that they are entitled to whatever they want, it’s harder than ever for us to put down our defenses, cast aside only our personal wants and accept the bigger picture – but we must if we are to survive.

Winter is coming and we have to smash the wheel if we are to avoid what has the potential to be a true apocalypse. Perhaps we’ll get lucky, though. Perhaps only a  few billion will die and I’m sure the survivors will, realizing their errors, come together in a spirit of peace, swearing once more to never let it happen again and, for a time, enjoy a period of amazing growth, scientific advancement and equality unlike before, until the wheel turns again and catastrophe brews, but do we really want to take that chance? Do you really want to risk your loved ones being amongst those who roll a snake eyes?

To stop this we need to ask ourselves why it happened, and we have to realize that the problem isn’t that Trump was elected, the problem is that life is so bad for a majority of people that they thought having Trump in power was a good option. They wanted change. While I understand that, their rage has made them blind to all the faults he has and damage he will bring because when they looked at him they only saw one thing: change. We must be the change that he represented and will fail to deliver. Oh he will change things, but not as anyone expected.

We are on the verge of an unprecedented era in human history: we’re so close to becoming an interplanetary species, we’re so close to unlocking the quantum realm, we’re so close to eliminating disease, weaknesses in our DNA and even hate. We’re so close to developing technology to save ourselves from global disasters and even the frailties of our bodies. It’ll be hard, harder than anything we’ve ever done, to shift the entire world’s perspective in a short time, but isn’t it worth it? Don’t you want to see what we could be and live in a world where we all get the happiness we are fighting each other for right now? All it takes is a little trust and a big voice.

You probably came here today for a piece of fiction. This is not it. This is the truest thing I will ever write. Don’t let it be the last.


a frightened human


Featured image courtesy of Wikimedia


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