Hiding from a killer

We had some good news this weekend. My cousin is having another baby, and its the boy they wanted. We were so happy for them, we talked about it for hours and went out for a dinner that night to celebrate. We had curry, one of the few foods that can always fill me up, and talked about good things. A great start to the weekend, and proof that things tend to work out on their own.

So that’s one of my excuses. Work has gotten away from me a bit. After the rush of essays, everyone at school has slowed down, myself included, which means we’re getting a lot less done in a longer amount of time. I can see the frustration on the teachers’ faces.

Instead of posting I’ve been working on a few upcoming things. I interviewed the creators of The Crawling City  as promised. I just have to edit their answers together. I also have another blog share coming up, from another writer this time. Then I have to finish my own writing for next Wednesday. I’m pleased the blog is coming along well. With enough content I should be able to continue catching readers’ eyes and building up a following. All the better for sharing other artists’ work on my page.

Anyway, bit of a nothing entry. Just didn’t want to leave the page unattended for too long. It never hurts to let people know you are alive – unless you are hiding from a killer, then you should probably play dead. I’ll leave you with that thought and some photos from the past week. Enjoy.

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