Sharing Sarturday:Chocofing R

… swirls dynamic energy around a pretty face, seemingly capturing the moment when their enemy, amidst the chaos of battle, falls madly in love.

Damsel Official Art

The Damsel has its first concept sketch, possible book cover and a ton more motivation for me to finish it quickly! Below is the drawing in question.


The other purpose of this site is for me to hone my writing by focussing on my daily life and describing it in compelling narrative, to further my own skills.

Writing Wednesday: Suicidal Kung Fu Genius

The man was blind drunk, riding a roughly tethered cart of open crates filled with razor blades, knives, nails and wood axes very fast towards the cliff edge and he looked particularly happy about it.

The Amirah Syazwani Interview

I have learned to draw by observation and most of those come from watching anime. My style is a bit strange lolol since i mixed manga and anime like K-on as reference previously xD

Sharing Saturday: Arty Christmas

This week’s Sharing Saturday falls on Christmas Eve, so I’ve gathered some of the most appealing Christmas art that I’ve stumbled across this year.

Writing Wednesday: Mummy’s Job

The only girl who dared to sit on the front row had her pastel-pale face slumped into her folded arms; a doll with her strings cut. “Good morning class!” Kenempti thought she should at least try to be enthusiastic. Someone had to be.

Writing Wednesday: The Damsel’s Interview

The lights shine in my face and I try to remember that this time I chose to be here. Fate of the world, and all that. I used to think that was just an expression. Opposite me is Richard Gupta, floating in a lounging position, which I know he is doing to taunt me for my disability. ‘I can fly and you can’t’.