The Misoka Interview

All artwork here is created and owned by Misoka and has been reproduced here with permission.

15322602_1609761046000194_1970668393_o Please introduce yourself for the readers

Well hello I’m Misoka (not my true name) from Malaysia Sabah, I’m 19 years old and obviously I like drawing so much and I put a lot of effort for it.


– What’s your inspiration for your art?

I’ve a lot of inspiration for my art and I started drawing because I really, really, really do love drawing, since I was 6 years old, and also I always watched anime and from that, I think for a few times.


– Why did you start drawing?

Why not? I’m making my own character just like anime that I watched on TV everyday so, I gain my spirit and start to draw patiently.


– How long have you been drawing?

13 years??!… Started at my age of 6 until 19 years old


– What equipment do you use?

Just because I draw traditionally, my equipments are only a pen, pencil, and eraser. But if you prefer for digital artwork I used this programme called “Paint Tool Sai”. You mainly draw cute anime and chibi style characters.




– How long did it take to develop your style? How did you learn?

I think it is really take times and years but until now I still trying develop my style more better so like I said it really takes months and years. About how did learn it, I used to find someone that people call “senpai” (a Japanese term meaning senior) to teach me or I search through Google for the tutorial so it easier for me to learn it from the beginning.


– Was it a personal journey or are there some general tips you could give a beginner artist, still looking for their voice?

I only say this, for beginner artist highly patient are really needed and for those who are easily give up you only wasting your time.


– Are there any other activities which influence your art?

Actually nothing just because I’m a lazy person ahahhaha and hate sport so there is no activities influence in my art.


– What’s your favourite thing to draw?

I like to draw hair and skirt.


– Me too. I love hair. It’s so beautiful and relaxing to draw.




– Have you worked on any projects with other artists (illustrators, writers). If not, would you like to?

Actually no, if someone want me to worked with them I will refuse because I’m still need to improve my art style.


– Talk us through the steps of creating an OC: Do you draw randomly and see what comes out or do you plan the character first?

To be honest I draw randomly and see what comes out and after that I adjust a little bit and put it something with what I like.


– I noticed you do kind of a calendar / diary series of pictures. I think it’s an interesting way for an artist to capture their day to day life. Why did you start? Ever though of collecting them into a book?

I start it because it gave me a lot of significant things and it make me to remind some of my sweet memories (just because it is diary/calender form). I never thought of collecting them into a book because I drew it in sudden so maybe not.




– If you could illustrate for any book or story, what would you like to illustrate?

I would like to illustrate something different for example I like to illustrate anime called “Inuyasha“,”Spirited Away“,”Howl’s Moving Castle“, “Anne and Green Gables” and so on.


– Is there anything else you would like to shamelessly plug now?

Ahaha yes I would trying to change the word from “hiatus” or “non active” to “active”due to many reasons and I trying to post a lot more of my artwork in future and do tutorial for people out there. ^ ^


– Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions. It’s good to get information from people at different stages of their artistic journey, so it helps everyone, as we are each on a different stage of a different path to each other.




You can see more of Misoka’s work on her Facebook page.

If you, or someone you know would like to be interviewed about their art – and I’m willing to talk about any kind of art, from cosplay to photography, CGI to dancing, writing and drawing – please get in touch. E-mail me or leave a comment below.


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