Sharing Saturday: Horoscope Girls by Sakimichan

Welcome to a new section on Imagine. Sharing has always been the centre principle behind this website, and after starting interviews to share the process of other artists and more information about their journeys, the natural progression was to share art directly. So each weekend I’ll be bringing you a selection of art that could be all by the same artist or many artists on a unified theme or topic.

To start off, I was reading through my Followed Sites list and came across a wonderful post by Souldraft, who made an attractive display of an artist I really admire. Rather then piece my own gallery of this artist’s pictures together, it seemed better to simply share their’s. So, first for Sharing Saturdays,  here is one of the stunning series by Sakimichan.

Each picture is a character representing a sign of the Western zodiac, beginning with Aries. The pictures are so vibrant, flowing with such energy that even the fiery ram seems fluid in nature. That coupled with the beautiful faces that hint at a sultry lust, even in the most innocent of them, and it’s hard to ignore each piece. There are obvious nods to the original symbols and their design, but its the more subtle nods that satisfy me. See what you think.

Please note: If you venture into their full gallery (links at the top and bottom of the post) be aware that they have some racy pictures of same sex and opposite sex relationships, but nothing graphic. For now, I hope you enjoy the Zodiac series.

Websites : &

Source: Horoscope Girls by Sakimichan

What did you think of Sakimichan? Are you a new fan or have you seen their work before? Also, what do you think of the new feature? Would you like to see more direct artwork shares or do you prefer the interviews? Let me know, and you can shape the future of Imagine – If it’s successful, I’ll shower  you with gifts! 


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  1. Are these digital paintings? They’re pretty cool


    1. Yes. On the artists page you can see process videos.

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