And what do YOU have to say? – G. NELDER – interview no.7

A very amusing interview for the weekly post. Reblogged.

Anita's Haven


A special treat for this Friday 13th! ( not that I put much stock in the superstitions, but it can be quite fun). Geoff Nelder, the awarded author of the Aria trilogy, is going to put a smile on your face with his mischievous wit and wicked sarcasm, even sharing with us some of his poetry. Such a treat having him as a guest, boldly suffering my ‘interrogation’ (his words, not mine) and sharing his experiences.


1. You are definitely not a new author and have quite a diverse repertoire of published works. What makes you want to write at all?

I don’t want to write, I get RSI, but if I don’t relieve my head of these ideas it will burst. I’d rather dictate to this curvaceous Swedish au pair sitting on my lap. She’s here, honest. Would I lie to you?

2.   How did you feel about…

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