I’ve not written a diary entry in over a month. It’s not that there hasn’t been anything going on, on the contrary, I’ve been sitting on a big piece of news, waiting for the right opportunity to announce it. However, I seem to have fallen in to a schedule of interviews, writing and sharing posts which have taken up all of my blogging time.

That’s great. I’ve wanted to share other people’s work and help get them noticed, but the other purpose of this site is for me to hone my writing by focussing on my daily life and describing it in compelling narrative, to further my own skills.

I’m not going to neglect the sharing, but it may have to make more of an irregular appearance, so that I can do this. It also will reduce some of my stress to meet deadlines. Writing Wednesday will continue, but the sharing will occur when I find something and have the time to write about it. It will be frequent, but irregular. So keeping an eye on my Twitter may be more important than ever. Everything I post gets automatically tweeted from there.

So I’m sorry if this upsets anyone. Art shares are my most popular posts, but I’m not blogging to be popular. I have my own purposes. I will continue seeking art and giving interviews (I have some fantastic ones coming up), you’ll just have to put up with stories from my real life too.

Take care, Imaginers. I’ll be back soon.


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