Sharing Sarturday:Chocofing R

Despite the silly name, the subject of this week’s Sharing post paints some seriously beautiful art. Specializing in beautiful girls and ethereal battle maidens, Chocofing R swirls dynamic energy around a pretty face, seemingly capturing the moment when their enemy, amidst the chaos of battle, falls madly in love. Their not shy of the occasional behemoth or warrior either, with several throughout their portfolio.

There’s certainly some anime influence here but it’s been taken to a higher level of detail, mixing the style of classic painted portraits, and with more vivd colouring. I really enjoy the extravagant outfits and the flowing energy of each piece.

I’ve collected some of my favorites below. If you like what you see, check out their full gallery here (link reposted at the end of the page).

This one reminds me of Witchblade. 
I love the expression here – and of course, the red hair
Again, the hair captivates me – and reminds me a little of Inara from Firefly. She has that same classic, elegant beauty
A more traditional anime warrior
This picture is so soft and sumptuous, perfectly capturing the spirit of the subject: The Queen of Mist.

Find anything you like? Check out the full gallery at Artstation.

Know any good artists who deserve some more exposure? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll share their artwork in the future. Until next week…


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