Writing Wednesday: Vampire Awakes

With a gulp of milk, he wondered if news presenters ever wore trousers. Then an item on the news broadcast actually caught his attention.


I think you can agree that this has been an interesting week. The Terry Pratchett quote, the Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times,” springs to mind.

Hallelujah Monkeys

Friday morning, the day of a certain ape’s inauguration, another group of monkeys gave me a boost.

Writing Wednesday: Mr and Mrs Sith

MR. and MRS. SITH, who both wear DARTH VADER style masks and dark robes, are sat at the kitchen table in their ordinary suburban home.

Mr. SITH finishes one last bite of his meal and then pushes his plate away with force powers.

Nostalgic Vampires

I’m soon going to start publishing my novel on Wattpad as a final Beta phase. I will use feedback from that to help shape the final edit.

Writing Wednesday: Mag-Lev Conspiracy

Jacob Kelly didn’t particularly like it when the car fell on him. Strictly speaking, nor did he hate it as he didn’t have the mental capacity to form opinions at the time.

Let Actors Act

Creating an extended piece of art with someone’s likeness without permission feels like Weekend at Bernie’s when the kids are parading that body around for entertainment.

The Importance of Titles

I’m quitting Facebook soon and I’m going to concentrate on my Twitter, Wordpress, Deviantart, and for the time being, Instagram. The latter is owned by Facebook, but is not quite so fascist with its policies yet.

Writing Wednesday: Ramses Revisited

The instant an advert for cat food appeared, Ramses vaulted the sofa and kicked the TV to the floor. He stamped on it, glass and metal shattering like ice, until the face of the cute kitten was obliterated by his boot and the meowing was drowned out by the hiss of sparks. He lowered his foot. Somehow that crunch wasn’t as satisfying as the real thing.

Master Jun

My current course finishes in the summer, and I’ve decided to go straight on and do a Masters.