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Big news # 2: My current course finishes in the summer, and I’ve decided to go straight on and do a Masters. This means another 3 years commitment to study, but I figure it is worth it in the long term, as even an undergraduate degree can’t guarantee you a job nowadays. You actually need a personal note from God saying “She can do this job” along with more years of experience than your parents have been alive. I reckon a Masters might about do though.

Thing is I’m not going to continue studying at school here or at home. My university is no longer doing the Masters course I want to do and the quality of teaching in Japan is not as good as I would like. So I’ve decided to do online learning with a very reputable university that shall remain nameless for privacy’s sake.

So from a degree in English Literature and Film Studies to a Masters of Science in Creative Writing. I feel my English has become more simple while living in Japan, because I have to keep it simple for people to understand me. Aware of this, I’ve tried to keep my vocabulary up with reading and writing, but it is not enough. I feel I’ve become more stupid. I’m partially hoping… no, let me correct that: I’m very much hoping that such a course of study will force me to improve.

I’ve been chasing up information about the school and the course and I came across a wonderful blog by a girl who studied there, on the same course, but in person. She writes with such a beautiful prose and in depth. It makes me miss the student life already and a little regretful that I won’t be attending in person. I wish I could meet her too, but I’m not sure we would get on. She’s very strong willed, and I’m more of a quiet person. Still, I love reading her entries, and I can see myself repeat reading it for the whole of my course.

That’s my goal for this vacation. I’m working on my application and shaping my personal statement. I’ve got a lot to say and it must be said in an impressive but honest manner. It’s a while since I’ve done something like this and it’s making me worried. I’ll manage though.

If I get on the course, then I’m going to have to work much harder than I have been. However, a lot of it will be creative work that I can also post here. So it works out. Plus you get to hear about my struggles as a long distance learner! It’s got to be hard at the Masters level right?

Sometimes I feel like I’m writing several blogs in one!

Have you ever tried long distance learning? Did you get a Masters? Sound off below.


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  1. ahserrano says:

    I’m so late in looking at your blog, but I’m happy for you! I also went straight into a Master’s in Creative Writing last year (completely online). Honestly, some days I wonder why, but I know it’s been good for me. I find it interesting that it would be a Masters of Science and not Arts, though – maybe that’s just a thing for wherever the school is?
    Good luck! And hit me up if you want to chat – half my life is school, as I’m sure you’ve seen by now haha.


    1. Thanks. I am a bit worried about finding time for all the reading and work, but I know I’ll manage it because I have to!

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