The Importance of Titles

When you think about what Facebook is supposed to be for – connecting with friends and family – Facebook is not a very good name. It doesn’t really relate to its purpose, as you would think friends and family would be more politely or directly referred to. However, if you consider what Facebook actually does, which is make secret profiles of everyone based on all their posts and activity and sell it to third parties, it makes more sense. It’s a book of faces of random people, perused and kept safe by mysterious organizations. That’s much more impersonal.

Long story short, I’m quitting Facebook. I’ve not been on it long, but that’s what makes it easy to quit. I recently found an article by entrepreneur and educator Salim Virani, highlighting Facebook’s upcoming policy changes that are taking society a step closer to 1984.

Facebook has given itself the power to own anything you post and sell it to 3rd parties for years. Plus their messenger app constantly records your audio and permanently records everything you type – even what you delete. We’ve known this a long while. Now, with the new changes, they will start recording and building profiles of your friends and family based on what you say and do on Facebook and any Facebook linked sites or apps, even if they aren’t on Facebook themselves. This information is stored indefinitely and sold to the highest bidder – or all bidders. This is why people have been turned away from airports, rejected at Job interviews and even arrested based on Facebook posts (see the article linked above).

All in all, Facebook is not a great place to be for any person, but it’s even worse for someone trying to build an online platform. Their algorithms restrict this type of engagement, and I’ve seen the effects of this on my page. Basically, it’s not worth all the effort I put into it.

I’m quitting Facebook soon and I’m going to concentrate on my Twitter, WordPress, Deviantart, and for the time being, Instagram. The latter is owned by Facebook, but is not quite so fascist with its policies yet. I’m watching tho. There’s just too many great artists on there that I don’t want to leave yet. I do wish there was another image based social network that wasn’t owned by Facebook though. As I go through the process of leaving Facebook, I won’t be able to use Instagram for two weeks. So I apologize for the upcoming lack of activity.

What’s your thoughts and feelings on Facebook? Did you ever join? 


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  1. I’m not on Facebook either – and I’m quite happy to keep it that way. Keep us updated on how you get on without it! 😊


    1. Well I spent half the day yesterday deleting apps and accounts that used Facebook. That was fun.

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      1. Haha! It links to everything, right! Very scary how much information it actually holds on people!


      2. Yes. That’s the whole point. They know everything and they sell it. At least there’s no proof google do that. Yet.

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      3. We’re better off without it! 😊


      4. Definitely. In a world of information, the man with no name has the most power

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      5. I love this!!! Well said! 😊


  2. daniellegastineau says:

    I thought you had to have a Facebook for people like publishers to take you seriously. I have twitter and tumblr and my blog, shouldn’t that be sufficient. I deleted my Facebook, Snapchat and instagram


    1. Sorry. I missed this somehow. Well, I’m not bothered about traditional publishers. I’d rather keep my privacy. It is hard to use visual media for writing but I’m figuring something out.


  3. daniellegastineau says:

    Do you self publish? I have been thinking about that. I also decided to leave all those social media sites and just stick to my blog.


    1. I’m not anything yet. I’m going to self publish when I finish my final edit. I’m also going to try Wattpad first for final feedback before release


      1. daniellegastineau says:

        I don’t use wattpad. I like archive of our own. I used wattpad once and didn’t like it.


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