Hallelujah Monkeys

School’s still busy. I haven’t talked to my family in over a week (but with my father that is nothing extraordinary). I knew the final months of the school year would be busy, but I underestimated. I’m getting through it with a positive attitude, for the most part, but each day is a little bit too much out of my energy reserves and the anxiety sets in during my late afternoon dip in charge. I just need a day, a full day of rest, nothing but netflix and my own chill to recharge. I only get one day off a week though and that is half full with household chores. If anyone wants to do my grocery shopping for me, please let me know in the comments.

So, Friday morning, the day of a certain ape’s inauguration, another group of monkeys gave me a boost. My favorite super group, Gorillaz, released a song at last. For those not in the know, Gorillaz are a huge collaboration project led by Damon Albarn of Blur fame and featuring cartoon characters as band members that appear in the music videos with guest collaborators. Every five years or so they release an album so catchy and full of power that the music industry takes notice. They usually jab at the current political climate too and this track is no different. The cleverly titled Hallelujah Money is a message about Trump and the peoples’ apparent choice of money and power over love and reason. Have a listen.

I wasn’t a fan of the song on the first listen. I’ve never really been into that type of music, just like with the band itself, who are mainly electronic and experimental. However, the characters first drew me in, because I loved the idea of it: animated characters in a band, and I loved their style, coming from Jamie Hewlett one of the creators of Tank Girl. Then the music got its claws in me. This song is similar. I don’t love it, but on repeated listens it’s quite relaxing, and the boost of energy it gave me, a hint that the real album is coming soon, got me through the majority of that day.

I’ve been eagerly following their social media campaign that has included mysterious, cryptic tweets that are deleted as soon as they are posted on on the of the band member’s feeds, Twitter moments and Instagram stories that tell the stories of what each of the cartoon band members have been up to since the last album (there is a long history to the characters that goes beyond the first albums release,  and posts from their creators. Each time a post appears I’ve been hoping that the album will come shortly after. The previous albums and songs all carry impressive memories for me, and so I look forward to it happening again, but can it live up to all this hype?

So, I’m hanging in there. Ganbatta-ing. I’m proud of how I keep my head up as little things like this always help me along, and I know there will always be more. Even if the biggest ape of all now runs the free world.

Are you a Gorillaz fan? How did you discover them? Have you seen them live?? If so I must kill you with jealousy.

Feel like sharing the love, that we are still humans? Pre-made Tweet ready to go, below:
Tweet: The #Gorillaz have saved @imagineemmajun from #Inauguration anxiety. How about you? https://ctt.ec/27gd8+



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