On what level do you care? I think you can agree that this has been an interesting week. The Terry Pratchett quote, the Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times,” springs to mind. I wouldn’t say it has been good, though I have just heard that the immigration ban in the US has been delayed for now, and if the protests continue it may be blocked altogether. I certainly hope so. I’m not in America, but I’ve been doing my best to share information. I hope it has made a difference. Consequently I must also apologize to my Twitter followers who didn’t join me to get a barrage of political tweets. I’m not usually a political person, but this has gone too far, don’t you think? Any decent human cannot sit around and wait to see how it turns out. A decent human would care about the thousands who can’t be with their families, about the millions who will face hardships because of the abortion ban, about the environment which is going to take another big blow because of Trump’s love of oil and ‘clean coal‘.

So I’ll ask again, on what level do you care? There’s the personal level where we think about how something affects our own sack of flesh, like ‘I wonder how much it would hurt me if I stuck my head in this bag of used medical syringes?’ Then there’s the societal level, which forces us to ask ‘how much will it affect my family and local community if I put my head in this bag of medical syringes?’ Then there is the global level, which, sharing a topic, might have us asking the less common question: ‘how much will it affect the world if I stick my head in the same bag of syringes?’ And finally, the universal level. How much would it affect the universe if I engaged in the self/medical syringe interactive experience? In this particular example, the answers would be a lot, somewhat, a tiny bit and not at all, respectively. Now, apply that thinking to the Trump problem. He’s the leader of the free world, which is becoming less free with each day. So it has a large and measurable effect all the way up to the global level, and since only buddhists, aliens and dead people are concerned with the highest level we all should be paying attention. Most people have been hovering around the personal level, but it’s been great to see a majority raise their consciousness to the societal level and a significant percentage start to think globally. That’s how we improve as a species, especially in these enlightened times, where, let’s face it, we have to consider how we as a species are going to fit in to the galactic shindig.

Such thinking is also a good tactic in avoidance too, which can be a good thing or a bad thing. Let’s say you suffer from anxiety. Looking at your personal problem on a universal level helps you to understand that what seems a big terrible weight on you is not that important in the long run. It doesn’t cure it, but it helps. It can also be a detrimental quality. People might ignore chances to do good on a lower plane and seem evil to those who dwell there by only focussing on universal goals such as enlightenment and interplanetary politics. Those selfish bastards.

Truth is, I often find myself wondering about this. I get bored of all the small, personal problems floating around and I don’t want to waste my time with them. My constant gaze is set on a higher level to most. So to the petty, personal concerned among us I probably seem aloof, but I’ve got bigger fish to fry baby – space whales, even.When a crisis occurs I often skip past the immediate panic stage and make harsh decisions about the greater good.

If you get confused about the good and the bad of it because it isn’t wearing brightly colored pants on the outside or a spiky helmet and an appropriately evil sounding nickname, just remember the old saying:


So all artists have great minds, all politicians have small minds, and all space whales have 26 minds arguing for control of a large lumbering body. Isn’t space biology fascinating?

Do you have any thoughts on the global movement or want to share anything about your level of enlightenment? I’m all ears, but not literally like the people of Vitraxi 13.



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