Return of the M

Well, it’s nice to have a break. I forgot about those. You know, those periods of time where you can choose what to do – or not do – and take your time about it. It’s strange that I get to allow myself to be bored. I had to go into school yesterday for some final classes but I didn’t have to engage my brain in any way. So I let my mind drift off. The universe seems a lot better when you can take time to focus on it.

Today, I had a lie in and started binging season 1 of Buffy. It’s such a good show, and sure the early episodes are a bit cheesy, but it’s a lot less cheesy than other shows of the era.It really was ahead of its time. It is only the technological aspect and the writers and actors finding their footing with the characters. I still notice new things in the episodes. Like when the hyenas are discussed as learning the names of the ones they intend to kill and then later they track all their victims with that technique. It’s funny how styles of TV shows change. We always think its cool but later, it ain’t.

Anyway, enough pointless chatter, for this blog entry is just that, sorry to waste your time. I must get on with my Masters application and oh yeah, that novel I’m meaning to publish in a few months.

Here’s some snaps from the last few days:

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