How to completely fail at editing your novel

This weekend was nice and lazy. I managed to play a lot of Angry Birds Dice and finished off season 1 of Buffy again. The greatest discovery had to be a 24 hour stream of Whose Line Is It Anyway? on Youtube. I grew up on that show. I watched it from when I was about 7, maybe younger. I didn’t get a lot of the sexual jokes, but I knew it was funny: the spontaneity of it, the genuine humour and talent on display made it one of the funniest things I will every see. That, Blackadder, Red Dwarf and Warner Brothers Looney Tunes are probably responsible for a good proportion of my personality. The stream repeats every hour or so, but just knowing it is there gives me a comfort like no other. It’s the kind of comfort best enjoyed with pizza and ice cream. There was plenty of that too.

So since I did such a wonderful job of editing my novel this weekend, even including a nap after I did my first 30 minutes of editing, I started a regular tweet feature called #AdventuresInEditing, where I tweet real and made up excuses why I didn’t get any work done today. I hope it amuses people and gets some aspiring not to be like me in that regard. I’m so great I can turn a bout of laziness into a motivational event. If only I could help myself.

Despite all the complaining, I am actually getting through it. Soon I’ll be posting the first look at my cover art for the book. Then you can all coo over it like I did when I first saw it, but perhaps a quick question in the meantime. What kind of cover would you expect for a novel about a literal cat burglarizing vampire who has to stop a civil war to capture the cat of the prince of the supernaturals? Not an easy question is it?

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