I don’t plan things out very careful. It’s not in my nature. Yet, unlike my pantsing for plotting that I learned to get over (and I explained a bit about how in my previous post), I haven’t gotten over it all. Starting this blog was an idea I had for a long time, but the day I started was on a whim because some other things were coming together and I had the spare time. Idle hands and all that. Also an excellent movie btw. Likewise, I knew at some point I wanted to hold a poll on Twitter to help choose the title of my novel, I just didn’t know it would be now, until it happened. I got hit my a new idea and wanted to know if this was the Neo I mean, the one.

You can see and vote in the poll here. Twitter doesn’t leave a lot of room for explanation, so allow me to burden you with some knowledge. I’ve given the one line pitch for the novel in the retweet, so you have some context to help pick from the options, but why those options? Let’s look at them shall we? 

  1. Better Off Dead: This title occurred to me while I was writing the story and I really liked it because it sums up the inspiration for the story (vampires enjoying having superpowers). However, I was sad to discover this name has been used a lot already. Not least of which in a John Cusack movie. I’d complain, but I like him. So it’s not my favourite any more, unless I can get John Cusack to star in the movie.
  2. Sparkles Not Included: I like this one again because it references a core concept of the story (providing an antidote to the mopey cliches and sparkling prats of recent vampire fame) while also tying it to this story. See, Sparkles is the name of the cat he’s chasing. Do I need to push this joke twice though? I’m not so sure. It also references an 80s movie about alien robots visiting an old people’s home for no other reason than it could.
  3. Fools Blood: Again, an attempt at parody. This time, True Blood, another stake in the coffin for vampires actually being cool or good or whatever words kids use nowadays for that feeling they get when their crushes touch their genitals. Fool referring to the wacky characters and blood because it’s a vampire story. You legally have to get blood in there somewhere. I really like this one but it’s quite general.
  4. Fool Blood: Same idea as the previous but a more accurate parody and unfortunately a less attractive sound to it. 

Those are my suggestions. A couple of others have been suggested including ‘Kill Me’, ‘The Cat’s In The Bag’ and ‘Ramses Niblet and the Prince’s Cat’.  

If you want to have your say, please head over to my Twitter profile where I’ve pinned the tweet. It’s open for another 3 days (closing on Monday for American people). 

I also want to say a big thank you to all the people who have voted so far and especially those who have shared my poll to help me get even more voters. I’ve made it a goal of mine to help others but I’ve never expected so much response to my own posts. I’m genuinely surprised and I’ve loved it. So if you vote, please consider sharing too. I’ll give free hugs! And if you have any other suggestions for titles, leave them in the comments below.

But I would like to know, how do you choose titles for your stories? If you don’t write, what are your favourite titles and why?


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