My Favorite Legacy

I’ve been doing really well with my Instagram cover art posts. It’s a little tricky to post the segments precisely so that they match and make the jigsaw picture on the profile page that I want them to, but it’s shaping up nicely. You can have a look for yourself here and stand by for the full cover reveal in a couple of days. If only the editing was going as well. I keep distracting myself. I’m getting some done but with all this free time I was hoping for a little bit more. If only I could travel to the parallel dimension where I’m self disciplined, but that’s out of question for the time being.

Today’s distraction took place because I realized I hadn’t really left the house since Saturday – apart from a grocery trip and a few short walks. I decided it was worth sacrificing a few hours editing to build up my spirit with some sunshine, now that it’s actually spring, and get out where there are people, but people I don’t have to talk to, which are the best kind of people – unless they are my fans. Don’t have many of those yet though, unless I go to that parallel dimension again.

There’s a store here that sells all sorts of second hand goods, from books to clothes, electronics and toys. I often go there when I’m in town because bargains can be amazing mood boosters, even though they do come with moral dilemmas often involving temporary joy and the need to eat precariously balanced on a scale with a fat sumo guy about to jump on one end of it. I can’t stop the fat sumo guy. He’s too big. I can direct his jump though. Today I chose the temporary joy/no food side when I saw my old buddy Raziel.

The Legacy of Kain games are one of my favorite series of games. Boil it down to it’s mechanics and it’s a competent 3D action adventure with a combat system that was a distant forefather to Assassin’s Creed and Batman: Arkham Asylum and puzzles that often involved moving switches in the right order or carrying blocks to a correct place, but my god, the story. It was dark, it was philosophically deep, deeper than anything else I’ve seen in video games and all of that is topped with stunning character design and the best voice acting I’ve ever heard in a game. I remember playing through the game several times, just so I could watch cut scenes again and try and wrap my head around the time traveling philosophical mystery. Games like this are why I play. I’m not an online gamer at all. Give me a good single player story and I’m a happy bunny. I really don’t know why these games haven’t been remade yet. Is it because the team went on to remake the more recent Tomb Raider games? Perhaps. Yet I’m still thankful that there are 5 games in this series across two generations of consoles.

In short, I spent a lot of time watching this undead soul reaping butt run around and make vampires wriggle uncomfortably on large pikes. So when I saw a figure in the shop I frequent, I went a bit nuts with nostalgia. As if I needed more convincing, and here’s the best bit, I checked the price of it online and it was selling for 15 times the price of in the shop and there was nothing wrong with it. So of course I bought it. He now proudly guards my DVD collection vampires, and should I ever get bored of him, like my family, I can sell him online for a lot more money than I paid for him. Win-win.

Did you play the Legacy of Kain games? Would you like a revival of the series? I know I would! 



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