The Difference between WordPress and Patreon Blogs

It’s been a neglectful couple of weeks. I’ve been getting used to my new job, which is in itself super busy, and that meant holding off on posting regularly here and on some of my social media. I made sure I’ve stayed up to date with the chapters of my novel and Twitter is easy to work in, but some others have suffered. Now I’m wondering how to use them now I get back into it.

I still have the Patreon dilemma. I want to post there regularly, but then do I just share what content I have here over there? And I need to find a regime for making content for Patterns only, not that anyone is paying for my content yet. Should I start Patron only posts already or wait for someone to donate to my cause? It’s confusing but I don’t want to seem like a dithering idiot. So I need a list. How about this?

  1. Detailed diary entries (almost daily)
  2. Writing related discussion pieces
Patreon (public)
  1. Status updates
  2. Writing thoughts (not articles, just snippets)
  3. Announcements
  4. Occasional free doodles and writing snippets
Patreon (paid)
  1. WIP writing discussions / progress reports
  2. Doodles
  3. Behind the scenes photos (inc. selfies)
  4. Advanced access to every piece
  5. All the rewards promised on my Patreon page

Does that sound ok? Let me know your thoughts


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