Is it worth it?

Today I went to the zoo because sometimes I like to stare at the animals in the cages and see if I can judge from their behaviour and slight tells just how miserable they are. I also like to think about if their imprisonment is worth it. People are usually totally against zoos because of animal rights and all that jazz, not that I’ve seen many animals play jazz, mind, but I think things through and you know what? Sure, some individuals lose their freedom but they are protected from extinction of their natural environment, they are giving children a chance to learn about wild animals up close. Plus, who knows where that might lead. Perhaps a visit to the zoo is what inspires a lifelong love of animals in one boy and he goes on to be a major biologist and environmental activist who helps animals win the war against their human oppressors by building them giant mech suits that they use to bludgeon their subjugators to a fine paste. You just don’t know.

I wasn’t the only one with a keen interest either as their seemed to be some kind of art group visiting there and sketching the animals. Either that, or it is a new feature of the zoo to have a life like mannequin installed in every cage but they must be very advanced mannequins because later I saw a group of them having ice cream together. You just never know.

I guess the point of it all is that there is good in everything. Also, there is probably ice cream.

What’s your thoughts on zoos? Actually, no, shut up, I don’t care (I’m trying reverse psychology since no one ever comments).


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