Data Storage, data storage never changes

I still have to make the agonizing choice over which photos I want to delete just as regularly, because as the total space to save my photos to increases so does the size of the photos. So overall there is no change. Just like my internet connection gets faster but everything uses higher resolution images, more content and video so that websites and apps take just as long to load. I don’t see any improvement. So why are we paying? I guess it’s just to avoid losing out on the status quo. If you don’t pay for the latest this and that you will have a slower internet and less storage space. Plus, here in Japan, the phone companies start charging you a bunch of extra fees once the initial two years of your contract is up. So it’s actually cheaper to buy a new phone every two years. They encourage it.

Why am I moaning about it? Well, because recently I had the agonizing experience of actually doing something with my life (for the day) and in the middle of taking a bunch of photos of a once in the lifetime exciting event only to run out of storage space, so I quickly had to choose a bunch of photos to delete to make room for new ones. In the end, as normal, I decided to wipe everything because, here is the one improvement, all my photos are in the cloud. Heaven forbid it rains otherwise the whole world will be covered in my shy girl, private bedroom nudes and cosplay sessions….

I tried to be a photographer for a while. I had an eye for a good image, but I couldn’t get to grips with the technicalities of those big massive lenses and things. Still, I like to take my own photos and images are important for me and what I want to say. Unfortunately, what I want to say is often “boobs” and I don’t have any.


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  1. William Ma says:

    you’re so funny. But you are right about increase performance and storage resulting in increased performance and storage demand. We feel we need to pay more to get more but end up with no net gain. except for the fact that I don’t have to delete my boob photo collection =)


    1. Well we have infinite storage on Google Photos now


      1. William Ma says:

        that’s true and mine is filled up with Tomomi and ToMami pics lol


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