Now accepting shit

Why does no one give a shit about writing? I want to know. I know that people are out there giving shits, some of them all sparkly wrapped and awesome. They mostly give them to artists who draw cool pictures, some even to the point where the artists are apologizing to their fans for having so much shit given to them and not having done anything to earn it: i.e. not being able to post art for a while.

I get it, I do. It requires much less effort to appreciate a visual artist but if you cut yourself off from the literary world you are really missing out. Take some time, chill out a bit. Read a book. You may want to start with mine… or not. I don’t care. I’m just putting it out there just in case someone fancies it because it’s got so little shit on it at the minute. I want it covered in shit. I don’t want to beg for it though, so it’s up to you.  It’s been out there for quite a while now. If it was a dog it would have died of starvation judging by the attention it’s getting. I don’t expect a lot, I really don’t it’s just before I launched the book there was a bit of a buzz and people helping me. I thought I might get something, some shit comments, but it’s turned out just the same as everything else I’ve tried. Shit. 

Or did I give too many shits? Am I not noticing the shit I get because I keep giving my shits away? Im gonna hoarde my shit for a while then. Wait until I have a big pile.  Then go to town like a rabid monkey and fling that stuff everywhere. 

Now do you see the trouble with extended metaphors? I like exposing holes in the logic of language. It’s fun to examine. Oh, and don’t worry about me. I’m just having a bit of a moan. I would genuinely like more attention but who doesn’t? I’ll get what attention I deserve when I deserve it. 


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  1. ahserrano says:

    I feel this on a deep, depressing level.


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