How to Live

A new born baby moves like a time lapse of a plant growing: shaky, unsure, testing, searching for the one thing it instinctually needs, and that is boobies. Now you may think that plants just want sunlight, but do plants stop growing when they reach sunlight? Do they even grow in a circle to stay in the sunlight’s rays? No, they do not, and I believe that is because they haven’t found the boobies yet. And so they travel on, utilizing the sunlight to survive, and to see the boobies better. Newborns though, undoubtedly want boobies, all the time, and this instinct stays with us throughout life. I can barely start my day without a glimpse of some boobies and I often touch my own to wake me up. Boobies are life.

My cousin had a baby on Friday and I’ve been watching him with fascination, from the bushes, like Sean Spicer. How strange and terrible to think we were all that helpless once, but unlike Sean Spicer, the baby can grow up and fend for itself. Yet, one head turn too far or leaning the wrong way and the life could end, despite the fact it can also go almost two days without eating anything after an extruciating process like birth. The head pops out, the body flops down and then all the screaming. I don’t fancy that. I’ll just have the boobies. Be tough, but fragile. Be soft, warm and squishy, and full of love.

Do you have any life advice to share? Share it in the comments.


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