How not to be a Deviant

When I started my big social media push back in October, I made new accounts for a lot of sites. Twitter, Instagram, DeviantArt and Facebook were the first. Then Facebook was the first to go. I found it quite good for meeting unknown artists and beginners but I began no longer to trust the platform, so I quit. 

Now I find myself wanting to do the same thing for DeviantArt. This time it’s not the platform, but the fact that it no longer suits my purposes. My creative time is severely limited. I can’t afford to waste it browsing a site to promote myself when it’s going nowhere. I love it for disvovering artists’ work. It’s so easy to find a new must watch ch. However, it’s not useful for me to post my work. It begs for complete stories, but I’ve put short stories on hold while I edit and publish my first novel and draft the second. So I have no writing to post there – not that anyone reads writing there anyway. Most people go for the colorful fan art. I could post chapters of my novel, but again it’s efficiency. I think I can attract more readers from Twitter and Wattpad itself. 

I did post a few pictures on DA though. I posted my Imagine Emma doodles and the occasional photos. However, I think of DA as more of an online portfolio than a social media. That stuff wasn’t professional and not a signifier of my main line of work: story writing.

So I can’t see a reason to keep using it. I met some nice people there, and I plan to stay in touch, but I won’t use it for anything other than browsing digitally painted glories. At least until I free up enough writing time to start short stories again that is. 

I guess I’m no longer a deviant….. online. The real world is another matter. 

I‘m curious though, a lot of people seem to dislike DA and I’m not sure why. Anyone care to enlighten me? 


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