How to be a creep

I was just tying up my concerns over at DeviantArt, after yesterday deciding to close my account for a while, and I looked into a competition which I helped judge around a month ago. First thing I found was a post from the organizer declaring the winner and thanking the other two judges…. no mention of me. So I hunted around a bit more, fearing I’d pissed everyone off and been kicked out for some reason. All I found was more discussions of the winners with not a single mention of me. Like a smoke filled bedroom at night, it didn’t bode well. 

I ended up messaging the other judges to ask what happened and after being called a fool, I found out that I had sent my results to only one of the other judges and not everybody. Somehow the person who got my results did nothing about it, not even mention it to the others, and they wrote me off as having abandoned the competition. 

Now tie my skirt into knots and stick me in a river of sweaty shoes if I’m wrong but wouldn’t the sensible thing for them to do in that situation be to contact me and ask what is happening? 

The important point here is that when I asked them why they didn’t contact me when the deadline was approaching, or even after, something I would consider common courtesy,  one of them replied that he didn’t want to come off as creepy.

Since when is having manners creepy? I suspect since everyone became super defensive and entitled but I have no proof and quite frankly the whole concept is insanely below my level of comprehension I feel like god staring down at planet Earth and going “Why American people, why?” On seeing their chosen leader. What has happened to the world? I mean, I know people live with a hair trigger on their tempers, and seem to feel threatened by anything different to them but I hadn’t realized it had spread to them being fearful of upsetting others too. 

Well I’m going to continue to have manners whether people like it or not. 


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