How to survive a disaster

I had a dream where I was in a massive, luxurious penthouse style suite in a Las Vegas hotel, only it was in Kyoto. I lay on the low level, purple leather couch and watched a movie on the huge screen in front of the windows. The windows had a lovely view of the entire city from a few dozen floors up. I could see everything of the central area. As I watched the movie, I became aware of slow movement that wasn’t on the screen. I ignored it the first few moments but I had to look eventually. There was a huge, seemingly grey shape, moving across the city on this cloudy day. It was really dark, and heavy. When I took a closer look, getting up from the couch and walking to the window, I could see it was too heavy to be a cloud. It was a creature, a massive creature. I knew instinctually it was Godzilla.

I never saw him attack anything. He just walked from left to right, across the city, trampling anything in his path, and I became aware that King Ghidora was there too and perhaps they were fighting, but again, I didn’t see any attacks. I was convinced that they were shooting the new movie there, as even though I didn’t see them I knew Rhodan and Mothra were around too. I enjoyed watching it and even called some friends to brag about it. After a while, it hit me, maybe a friend pointed it out. All the new monsters were CGI. I wouldn’t be seeing anything if they were shooting a movie, and it sure as hell wasn’t anyone in a rubber suit. I knew in that dream like way that the city was being destroyed and I was in danger. The sky grew darker. There was lightening, or was it atomic breath? I don’t know because I hid behind the low walls of the penthouse windows. I didn’t know what to do. I just knew I would die if I stayed in the city.

Then some friends were there, and the hotel I was in was already half delipdated and overgrown with weeds and trees or all kinds, looking like a cross between something from The Last of Us and that scene from Godzilla (2014) where they go into the forbidden area. I had a rucksack on and waterproofs. I jumped between broken floors of the hotel, knowing I had to leave.

Did I leave? I don’t know, because the dream ended there. It was an intense, short experience. Had any disaster dreams? 


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