How to covfefe

It’s not often that I post about something political, or something in the really real world for that matter, but it’s also not often that I am there, in the moment when a global event takes place and a new meme is created. I’m talking about covfefe.

For those not in the know, President Cheeto tweeted at about midnight: ‘despite the constant negative press covfefe’. The Internet went nuts. Speculation of the meaning abounded like a rabbit epidemic. Merrimack Webster, queen of knowledge, was approached by millions and asked for the meaning, but she took one look at the explosion of gibberish and went back to bed. Had it something to do with the orb? Was he dead? Did he mean coffee or coverage? No one knew and the tweet was neither deleted or followed up on for hours. It had occurred at midnight after all.

I caught the tweet a few minutes after it hit the webs, on one of my check-in-on-the-crazy rounds and I immediately assumed he’d had a stroke on the toilet. I tweeted to such an effect and a follower agreed with me. I saw how many likes and tweets the original post had in her RT and went again to check it. That’s when I noticed how huge it was. There were all sorts of comments from lots of different people. One of the first of which was something to the effect of Trump had united us after all, united us in mockery of his foolishness. I then scanned through the best of the jokes and RT the hell out of them. I could practically feel the excited buzz of chatter all around me, a once in a lifetime sensation. I won’t repeat the tweets here but feel free to check my Twitter.

Now, in all seriousness I can see only a few possibilities for what happened.

– Trump tweeted this, didn’t realize it had a mistake, turned off his phone and went to bed and is even now sleeping, unaware of the massive tsunami of mockery hitting the White House now.

– Trump was tweeting and passed out mid-tweet from exhaustion, stress, drugs or being a twat and no one has found him yet.

– Trump died mid-tweet and they haven’t found him yet or are figuring out what to do about it.

– One of his staff took his phone off him while tweeting.

– Trump is totally aware of what he wrote and thinks he is a comedic genius.

My money is on him being dead. Think about it. When was the last time you saw him use less than the character limit on Twitter, especially a tweet that short? Something interrupted him for sure, and if one of his aides had taken the phone, I’m certain they would have quickly realized the mistake, but that tweet has been up for hours without deletion. 

UPDATE: one of his aides deleted the tweet and wrote ‘what is the true meaning of covfefe?’, so it’s quite possible Trump doesn’t even know about it yet and they are trying to avoid him having a meltdown, if he is alive, or he’s dead and they are figuring it out. We can tell it’s an aide because it was tweeted from an iPhone. Trump uses an Android.

So I can’t wait until tomorrow when we see the true aftermath of this defining event, but wouldn’t it be great if this was what caused his downfall? Not his scandals, not Russia, not anything else, just this typo. It would be fitting of such a buffoon. Do yourself a favor and look up this story wherever you can, it is everywhere! Even Japan is taking the piss out of it on Twitter and they are usually so reserved! Later peeps.

May the covfefe be with you!


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