How to be BFFs

This blog is going to be all sickly sweet so I’m warning you now. That’s typical me. I never warn you when I’m talking about sex, or swearing my head off or inspiring a story of bloody murder, but if I’m about to get seriously heartfelt and mushy, you get a warning. 

Yesterday I went out with one of my friends from college, Akiyo. She’s basically the yi to my ng and the ng to my ya, but we became best friends from the moment we spoke to each other. It had been a while, since she graduated in March and then had the audacity to get a job in another city. Me, I was hinging my plans on doing my Masters while working a shitty job here,  but we know how that worked out didn’t we? The Master left and the Doctor was in a tiswas again looking for his sonic screwdriver. That will make no sense unless you watch British TV.

So we went out on the town…. during the day…. and smashed up some old haunts and new shops. I bought some kinky boots, a lady loves her thigh highs every now and then, and some other stuff you’ll never get to see unless we become real close. Ahem. Point is, it was just like old times.

Is it cliche to say that it felt like we had never been apart? I think that kind of connection comes from somewhere soul deep. Mostly we operate on a social level, but when we truly connect with a person there’s no need for any of the small talk protocol rubbish. It’s just about two beings sharing the experience of life and macha frapaccinos. At the end of the day, since we hung out until it was dark, like some old abandoned laundry, but not at all, we returned to the place where we bought a friendship lock and stared at it meaningfully. Maybe those things do work….

Don’t leave me a comment today. Get in touch with your best friend. They’ll be glad you did.


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  1. William Ma says:

    This post is oozing with sweetness, lol


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