How to miss your mother

I have a theory that everything we do is to get back into the womb. If you think about babies and how they develop this makes everything more clear. Babies love to be wrapped up tight in a blanket, swaddled, because it reminds them of the tight space of the womb where they were so comfortable. They are aided to rest and sleep by gentle patting, because it reminds them of the heart beat of their mother that was so close to them for so long. They love the dummy, because it reminds them of the nipples of their breasts which were their first comfort in this harsh world. They love white noise because it reminds them of the multitude of noises, gurgles, burps, sparkles, and all sorts that constantly went on inside their mother.

Babies grow up, but everything people do is to remind themselves of those comforts from infancy, which in turn reminded them of their time in the womb. Many adults wrap themselves up in blankets, like the swaddling of babies, while they sleep. Almost all of us listen to music, the most relaxing of which is often the beat of the heart, or emulating it, and sometimes even the groan of guitars and such makes up the new white noise of our lives. I would go so far as saying drinking and drugs is a search for that high and that comfort, the numbing insensibility of a baby, and yes, it is me, so let’s talk about sex. Sex is one of the pure, untainted pleasures of the world, one of the rare physical experiences which has not been completely taken over with the mundane laws of human society to complicate them. We have sex to experience the pure pleasures like that of our first experiences, and we have babies so we can experience it all through their eyes as they a born and grow. We witness their joy, and their attempts to return to the comfort of their mother. If you can’t be comfortable, be the one that comforts.

We are born, we live, and we ache to return, all struggling to cope in this harsh world. So why do we fight so much? We are all frustrated that we can never have what we want.

This is fun to consider for the motivation of your character. Sure, each person has a different route back to the womb, but the goal is the same. 


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