How to be too late to the party

I’m totally bummed. Distraught even. More sad than a Pygmy at a World’s Tallest Beauty contest. More sad than a German sausage at a German sausage fest when the laiderhausened tourists storm in after a week of dieting. I discovered a web site and writers’ contest called World’s Best Story, which basically looks like a classier Wattpad story with the most votes can win a publishing deal. Well, truth be told, it discovered me by following me on Instagram but surely that’s worse because it sounds like a sign to me! The problem is that there is just over one day left for voting, and so there is no way I could get a decent number of votes in time to qualify for anything. If I had just found it sooner… 

It sounded perfect for me too as they are looking for stories that can cross different types of media, from movies to video games and beyond and that’s exactly how I’ve designed my stories. From the beginning I’ve had the idea of Twitter prologues, bonus adventures in web comic form, the movies’ screenplay, and even the TV show. I could easily stretch to video game. It was perfect for me. I always miss my big chances… 


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