How to feel old

Today I invaded a sports day at the local elementary school, because I could, and mainly because I’m friends with a mother or two. I haven’t been to one since I was at school and although they do them right through to senior high school here, and virtually unchanged in program, it was still fresh to me, since it had been so long.

How not to get addicted to painkillers

So since I got my tooth extracted I’ve had some medicine to prevent germs and some painkillers. As I said before the pain isn’t that bad, it’s more like a niggling feeling than actual pain, but sometimes the psychological effect of it is constant and exhausting. So I decided to take some of the painkillers. They helped.

How NOT to adapt a video game to a movie

I never had high hopes for this movie but I was mildly interested when I saw they were basing it on the recent game series (the gritty reboot). So, I watched the trailer with a tiny hope that a sleeper hit might be on the horizon, but what I saw looked like a B-movie rip off with a high budget for CGI. The casting seems all wrong and a good story was handed to them and they wasted it, ruining the core (no pun intended) of what Tomb Raider is.

How to torture yourself

So today I had a wisdom tooth extracted and it’s been coming for a while, but I’ve been trying to ignore it because I’ve never had a tooth extracted before. I have memories of watching my sister have all of her wisdom teeth removed when I was maybe eight or nine.

How to find your calm

I’ve had a tough couple of days sleep-wise, feeling totally exhausted throughout the day due to insomnia. So I’ve not got anything done all week and I feel bad for it, punishing myself like I have a choice. Classic me.

How to waste a wish

The following is a short skit written for a project on HitRECord. Check it out to find more of my work and other great artists working for the first social media production company.

How to be successful

One problem I have had through out my entire time online is just how much there is to do and manage. If you’re a normal person (i.e. not an artist) I can imagine that it doesn’t matter if you are only on one social media and concentrate on that, but as an artist I feel I have to be in as many places as possible and be active on all of them to draw attention to my work.