Imagine is the blog and web site for Emma Jun, a writing centric multi-creative with her heart set on being the literary Edgar Wright. She hates talking about herself in the third person but understands that sometimes it is necessary as she hopes it doesn’t bring on another bout of schizophrenia.

She hopes to inspire positivity and creativity in others through her journey as an artist, while always trying to be a positive person. She grew up in Britain, so it doesn’t come naturally. Failing that, there’s always doughnuts.

Check her out all over the Internet but here you will find the curated works, thoughts, reviews, writing processes and samples.

Please use the categories list and tags to find and follow what you want. If you want to support me I gladly welcome donations through Ko-fi. Look for this sticker in the footer of each page if you want to donate. All money goes towards keeping me alive while I struggle out of unemployment and make a thing of this indie artist gig.

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

You can also hire Emma for:

  • copy writing
  • proofreading
  • translation (English, Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese)
  • doodles (seriously, people love them for some reason)
  • life advice
  • alien and ghost hunting

Just click that Ko-fi button and leave me a request.


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