How to play it too safe

I know this is a bit late but here’s my reaction to The Last Jedi trailer and my thoughts for the Star Wars trilogy.

How NOT to adapt a video game to a movie

I never had high hopes for this movie but I was mildly interested when I saw they were basing it on the recent game series (the gritty reboot). So, I watched the trailer with a tiny hope that a sleeper hit might be on the horizon, but what I saw looked like a B-movie rip off with a high budget for CGI. The casting seems all wrong and a good story was handed to them and they wasted it, ruining the core (no pun intended) of what Tomb Raider is.

How to increase representation in the MCU

Dear Marvel,

Congratulations on saving Spider-Man. Since returning from seeing *Spider-man Homecoming* two weeks ago, I’m still buzzing when I think about it (sorry I was a bit late, but I do live in Japan and that’s how it is with movies here – at least this one came out in the same year). I wanted to thank you for doing what I knew you would do and that is create an accurate Spider-man film. I absolutely loved the teenage goofiness and bumbling heroism that we saw in Peter’s character. It felt honest and was a refreshing joy to watch. I’m now looking forward to more in his inevitable trilogy, and it’s that which I am writing to you about.

How to miss your mother

I have a theory that everything we do is to get back into the womb. If you think about babies and how they develop this makes everything more clear. Babies love to be wrapped up tight in a blanket, swaddled, because it reminds them of the tight space of the womb where they were so comfortable.

Imagine Marvel NetFlix Ranking

Now that I’ve been through the latest Marvel Netflix installment of Iron Fist it’s time to put together my personal ranking of the now 5 seasons of shows (I’ve separated Daredevil season 1 and 2 because I think they differ wildly in quality). Also, please remember this is just my personal opinion, but you can also feel free to yell insults at me in the comments section because I don’t get many comments and I really want to get to know my fans. So, let’s get started shall we? Beginning with my least favorite….

The Trailer is the Movie

After seeing Kong: Skull Island yesterday, I had a thought that went beyond the usual trailer complaint : “they give away the ending in the trailer”. This isn’t precisely true, as they show clips from the scenes at the end of the movie, sure, but they don’t exactly show you how it turns out. Anyway, there’s a shot in the trailer where Brie Larson’s character gets knocked off a cliff into water and another when we see Kong reach in to pick her up. When it got to that point in the movie I thought, ‘ok, so I know Kong is going to save her, but that means he has about 20 seconds to beat this boss of a monster before she drowns’. Did the scene lose tension? A little, but instead of being annoyed that I knew how it would turn out, I was further engaged in the story by trying to figure out how Kong was going to win so quickly, because he wasn’t in the best of positions himself.

Let Actors Act

Creating an extended piece of art with someone’s likeness without permission feels like Weekend at Bernie’s when the kids are parading that body around for entertainment.