How not to write a YA vampire novel 

recently finished the first in the Darren Shan series, Cirque De Freak so I thought I would share my opinion of it, because who isn’t tired of opinions on the Internet nowadays, right? Nobody. That’s who. You’d have to be an ordinary human with no distinguishing features whatsoever to be bored of opinions.

Now accepting shit

Why does no one give a shit about writing? I want to know. I know that people are out there giving shits, some of them all sparkly wrapped and awesome.

Writing Wednesday: Supporting Characters’ POV

A topic that has been on my mind ever since I started editing my novel, Fools’ Blood, is how much should writers’ use the point of view of supporting characters? There are some people who will say never at all. There are some who will happily hop from mind to mind to tell their story. Neither way is wrong and I’m not going to tell you which is better. I’m a writer who believes whatever serves the story best is the right thing to do.