How to Win a Short Story Competition

know, I know, I’ve been away for yonks and now when I finally come back I’m begging for your help with something. It’s rude and undignified but I’m a cute little girl so I can get away with it right? Right?? Why else would I be? Certainly not for all the sekuhara.

Writing Wednesday: Mr and Mrs Sith

MR. and MRS. SITH, who both wear DARTH VADER style masks and dark robes, are sat at the kitchen table in their ordinary suburban home.

Mr. SITH finishes one last bite of his meal and then pushes his plate away with force powers.

Writing Wednesday: Mag-Lev Conspiracy

Jacob Kelly didn’t particularly like it when the car fell on him. Strictly speaking, nor did he hate it as he didn’t have the mental capacity to form opinions at the time.

Writing Wednesday: The One Mage

“No mere man can destroy the vampire.” Elder Catcher said, the one who smelt of sour milk. “This is why I have called you here today. Several weeks past, my son set forth to find someone more than mortal who would be willing to help us.”

Writing Wednesday: Ramses Niblet III

he instant an advert for cat food appeared, Ramses vaulted the sofa and kicked the TV to the floor. He stamped on it, glass and metal shattering like ice, until the face of the cute kitten was obliterated by his boot and the meowing was drowned out by the hiss of sparks.

Writing Wednesday: All Be Acting Like Zombies At The Mall

Gerald was a zombie who liked to go shopping in town on Saturday mornings just like everybody else. Unlike everybody else, he didn’t feel the need to run the opposite way screaming when he came across another shopper. He did think this was rather rude behaviour. He thought it was so rude that it actually…