How to study crazy people

Today there were two crazy people on the bus at the same time, when normally there is only one. I don’t know if the bus company made a mistake in their order and accidentally requested another crazy person without knowing that someone else had already filled the order, but there it is. I feel a…

How not to sleep

Insomnia, something that happens to other people. Now, I’m another person. It’s one of those things that I thought was cool when I was growing up (yay, more time to watch my favourite tv shows and movies) but turns out to be pretty harrowing in reality.

Writing Wednesday: The Cut

As you know, or should know, my debut novel goes live on Wattpad this weekend. I hope you’ll all have a look at the finished product and see if you like it. I’ll also be opening a Patreon page to raise money for a deluxe paperback version filled with illustrations, character concepts and more, so I’d doubly appreciate you contributing or sharing that. Through the course of editing the novel, even the final sweeps, I found sections that I hated to cut out but decided the story was ultimately better without, whether for pacing, focus or character development. I still love those bits and so one way to get them to my audience is to post them here.