How to remember a father

Unlike Mother’s Day, which falls on different days in different countries – courses for horses if you will – Father’s Day seems to have the same date the world over, or at least, the two countries I have called home and therefore my world. This is one of the reasons that I don’t forget it. The other reason is I had a strange dad.

How not to raid an attic

Now, things have been weird. With all the talk of E3 and the generation of consoles I am missing, the first generation since consoles began in my family, I felt a bit nostalgic for some of the old systems. I dug around in my attic, where I am sure there is an original Xbox somewhere, hiding like a wanted criminal amongst dust and mite, waiting for a chance to make his move and ride a motorbike to Vienna. No, wait, wrong flashback.


It’s been hard to settle back into a normal routine after so long working every waking hour at essays (I do it to myself, like everything else). So today has been a bit of a daze. Not quite able to keep myself busy enough to be as distracted as I was last week, but not…