My Favorite Legacy

There’s a store here that sells all sorts of second hand goods, from books to clothes, electronics and toys. I often go there when I’m in town because bargains can be amazing mood boosters, even though they do come with moral dilemmas often involving temporary joy and the need to eat precariously balanced on a scale with a fat sumo guy about to jump on one end of it. I can’t stop the fat sumo guy. He’s too big. I can direct his jump though. Today I chose the temporary joy/no food side when I saw my old buddy Raziel.

The Trailer is the Movie

After seeing Kong: Skull Island yesterday, I had a thought that went beyond the usual trailer complaint : “they give away the ending in the trailer”. This isn’t precisely true, as they show clips from the scenes at the end of the movie, sure, but they don’t exactly show you how it turns out. Anyway, there’s a shot in the trailer where Brie Larson’s character gets knocked off a cliff into water and another when we see Kong reach in to pick her up. When it got to that point in the movie I thought, ‘ok, so I know Kong is going to save her, but that means he has about 20 seconds to beat this boss of a monster before she drowns’. Did the scene lose tension? A little, but instead of being annoyed that I knew how it would turn out, I was further engaged in the story by trying to figure out how Kong was going to win so quickly, because he wasn’t in the best of positions himself.

Writing Wednesday: Snip, Snip. That’s the sound of editing.

I know there is no ‘normal’, strictly speaking, but I get the impression that most people prefer to finish writing a draft of a document and then go back and edit it. That applies to me about as much as laws that prohibit fish from riding bicycles. I am not a fish, Arnold Rimmer, nor am I a bicycle.