You Aren’t What You Eat

Everything would be alright when they got home. John gripped the steering wheel for another corner on the rural lane, repeating the thought in his head. It had been a tough weekend, harder than any of them had anticipated, but it was under control, all over. They just had to get home and they could relax. He looked at the dashboard clock. They had plenty of time. Dusk was settling in, but they were almost home and there hadn’t been any noise from back there since they had left the camp site. The last hurdle was a toll gate on the edge of town.

How to Create a Giraffe

The following is a sketch script I wrote for a challenge on Please check out my account there and support me. With enough attention and likes my work might be featured in short films and other final, already-funded productions.

How to Spontaneously write fiction 

About a month back I saw a beautiful girl and couldn’t help staring. I immediately wrote about the encounter in a series of tweets, adding my narrative flair.

Writing Wednesday: Gits Bearing Gifts

It had clearly been an arrow that whizzed by my head a moment ago and kicked me into the run. There was no mistaking that zip, the sound of life shortening.

Writing Wednesday: All Be Acting Like Zombies At The Mall

Gerald was a zombie who liked to go shopping in town on Saturday mornings just like everybody else. Unlike everybody else, he didn’t feel the need to run the opposite way screaming when he came across another shopper. He did think this was rather rude behaviour. He thought it was so rude that it actually…

Writing Wednesday: The Newbie

He waves his arms to get my attention and begins galloping, releasing the hand of his latest belle; a cute young girl, petite with dyed brunette hair…