How to be grateful

One of my favourite ideas from Buddhism is that of karma. We think of it as justice – everyone gets what they deserve – but real karma isn’t that instant. I believe it’s more about shaping your next life. However the idea that if you are loving, love will comeback to you seems to be working for me lately.

How to be BFFs

This blog is going to be all sickly sweet so I’m warning you now. That’s typical me. I never warn you when I’m talking about sex, or swearing my head off or inspiring a story of bloody murder, but if I’m about to get seriously heartfelt and mushy, you get a warning.

How to celebrate your birthday

I never wrote about my birthday. I was in a bit of a bad mood about it, lamenting it like an aging hippy because it’s been a pattern for the last few years that nothing ever happens on my birthday and I feel bad for it. Either I have no one around because it’s in Golden Week, a string of public holidays when most people travel, or my friends or usually family don’t do anything for it.

Good Weird, or Bad Weird

At last, I’m sat at home with my computer, a drink and episodes of Ash vs The Evil Dead. It’s been the kind of week that only a comic bath load of blood can wash me clean of. Essays, far too many essays and they are much scarier than any undead. Okay, not quite as scary as…

Where Are We Going Now?

Today has been about as emotionally draining as you can get. I should have known something was up when I woke up dizzy. It wasn’t dehydration, like I thought, but a huge fleshy, pulsating, polymorph having a four course meal. To start with it is my favourite little girl’s birthday, and I can’t be with…