Writing Wednesday: How I Knew

I was 6 or 7 when I knew the only thing that gave me blissful, tummy fluttering excitement was making stories. I loved when the teacher said we were going to write a story in class, because I imagined robots fighting, thieves and ninjas sneaking, heroes flying and me jumping around in it all, a…

Writing Wednesday: A Letter From The Future

We must love, and we must shout this love louder than the haters shout unknowingly for war.

Phase 4

I’ve taken to watching The Crown on Netflix. I don’t normally like period shows but I feel this one has been presented in modern fashion, in terms of the writing, and it’s easy to digest. The acting is also fantastic; Matt Smith as Prince Phillip and John Lithgow as Winston Churchill. One thing I couldn’t help…


So I’ve spent the day setting up my WordPress blog again, when I really should have been studying, but what else is new? I’m committed now. I’ve started the site so I can’t leave it without any posts, can I? Work will have to wait a while longer, like the sniveling, starving rodent it is….