How to be grateful

One of my favourite ideas from Buddhism is that of karma. We think of it as justice – everyone gets what they deserve – but real karma isn’t that instant. I believe it’s more about shaping your next life. However the idea that if you are loving, love will comeback to you seems to be working for me lately.

How to miss your mother

I have a theory that everything we do is to get back into the womb. If you think about babies and how they develop this makes everything more clear. Babies love to be wrapped up tight in a blanket, swaddled, because it reminds them of the tight space of the womb where they were so comfortable.

Writing Wednesday: Supporting Characters’ POV

A topic that has been on my mind ever since I started editing my novel, Fools’ Blood, is how much should writers’ use the point of view of supporting characters? There are some people who will say never at all. There are some who will happily hop from mind to mind to tell their story. Neither way is wrong and I’m not going to tell you which is better. I’m a writer who believes whatever serves the story best is the right thing to do.

Writing Wednesday: Snip, Snip. That’s the sound of editing.

I know there is no ‘normal’, strictly speaking, but I get the impression that most people prefer to finish writing a draft of a document and then go back and edit it. That applies to me about as much as laws that prohibit fish from riding bicycles. I am not a fish, Arnold Rimmer, nor am I a bicycle.