How not to raid an attic

Now, things have been weird. With all the talk of E3 and the generation of consoles I am missing, the first generation since consoles began in my family, I felt a bit nostalgic for some of the old systems. I dug around in my attic, where I am sure there is an original Xbox somewhere, hiding like a wanted criminal amongst dust and mite, waiting for a chance to make his move and ride a motorbike to Vienna. No, wait, wrong flashback.

Master Jun

My current course finishes in the summer, and I’ve decided to go straight on and do a Masters.

Writing Wednesday: Mummy’s Job

The only girl who dared to sit on the front row had her pastel-pale face slumped into her folded arms; a doll with her strings cut. “Good morning class!” Kenempti thought she should at least try to be enthusiastic. Someone had to be.